Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Orange Girl...

Last week, I attended a KTM press event--an introduction of all KTM's streetbikes, including the RC8, RC8 R, and Supermoto 990 R and T. I had lots of fun, but not as much fun as the cast of characters from a local lifestyle magazine that was photographing a young woman, dressed only in orange bodypaint and red wig, on a KTM RC8.

Needless to say, the presence of orange boobies shut down the trackday for a while, but nobody seemed to mind. I present the photos for your enjoyment.

Warning: You can see dark orange female nipples in the following photos, which can instantly warp or damage young minds (unlike gruesome and constant portrayals of graphic violence on TV and video games, which clearly have no effect), or possibly get you slapped with a sexual-harassment suit if you're at work. What a world we live in....

Read my full KTM story:

The crew of the Skip Barber Superbike School enjoying the view as they are photographed for a group portrait. Note Jason DiSalvo's line of sight...

Quick! What's that behind you?

What? Where?

Cycle World's Blake Conner apparently enjoyed the show as much as everybody else.

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