Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gabe Podcosts on Sidestand Up Radio!

I had a great time yesterday podcasting with Carla King and the gang at Sidestand Up radio yesterday. It was me, Larry from BMW San Francisco, Carla King, Joanne Donne (of gearchic), Jennifer Bromme from WerkstatSF, and Crystal Gurr from Scuderia West. The topics were varied, talking about City Bike, motorcycle testing, women's gear and all kind of other stuff.

We had technical problems meshing the audio gear and laptop-based podcast system, so we all had to huddle on a loveseat in front of Joanne's Mac Book. But it was fun and engaging, with people calling in and chatting in a chatroom as we were talking to each other. A lively discussion.

You can stream it here:

Or download it on iTunes. Thanks!

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BlackbootJack said...

Pertaining to my post on gun control:
I would suggest you go back and read not only my post...but the Snopes post as well.

If you can show me where the inaccuracies are, I will remove the post. I do not post lies. So if its incorrect, I'll remove it.