Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why I hate Google

So I subscribe to Google Alerts for "Motorcycle" and "Motorbike" so I can get hot stories up on Motorcycle Daily. Of course, what I usually get (and this is why I quit subscribing to that a while ago) is every story about a motorcycle fatality or serious injury. Most of the times they are predictable: H-D riders with no helmets "thrown from their motorcycles" and dying. 

This alert was different:

Woman Killed In Motorcycle Accident
WYFF - Greenville,SC,USA
LAURENS COUNTY, SC -- A 21-year-old woman was killed in a motorcycle accident Saturday afternoon. A Laurens County deputy coroner said that Crystal Bryant ...

I did a little internet digging and discovered Crystal was a broadcasting student visiting with her family for Thanksgiving. She went trail-riding with her dad on Friday--he just got her a KDX200--and she ripped on out ahead of him.

Crystal was a real go-getter: surfing (she suffered a wicked back injury doing that, and had a huge scar along her spine to go with her various tattoos and piercings), skateboarding, fast cars, whatever. She'd been riding since she was 5 or so.

Out of sight, Crystal crashed somewhere on the trail and her dad came across her lifeless body. He administered CPR but to no avail. She was wearing full gear, according to the coroner's office.

Sounds like she was a little wild, but just managed to have a freak occurance. Very sad. And that's why I wish I didn't have to subscribe to Google Alerts.

RIP, Crystal.
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FZ said...

So are you trying to gather some traffic by using SEO words like Google and motorcycle crash in your post there Gabe? :)

If it bothers you - like it does most of us - write more content that gets searched and archived. Although SEO is difficult and a dying art so I'm hearing. :/

Btw, Google told me it hates you too! :P

Gabe said...

Holy Crap! I don't really hate Google..I just hate reading those motorcycle crash fatalities stories. I actually like Google a lot. I even own stock.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to stumble across this post on Google. And I just wanted you to know something. That scar you saw on Crystal's back, she had Scoliosis, and had surgery in which they placed a metal rod in her spine, which essentially killed her. When she was thrown from the bike, she suffered a spinal injury.

Listen, we are all suffering the loss of a great friend, daughter, girlfriend, but most of all person. She was really one of a kind. But your post is a bit insensitive.

Gabe said...

Hey, I was just writing with the info I had, and I apologize if my post seems insensitive. Crystal put her life out there for the world to see. I don't see how my post is any less sensitive than a news story or any other commentary on this event.

I am sorry for Crystal's family and friends and wish them the best through what must be a horrible and difficult time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it insensitive. Gabe is a journalist, and I think he showed sympathy and admiration.

We're all sorry for your loss. No one is sniping at Crystal. The world is obviously a much lesser place for the loss of one of the very few people around like her. I consider her life inspirational, and I am sure she will be missed. I wish I had had a chance to know her.

bt said...

Gabe, there was a feature on NPR this week relating to just this subject -- the guys being interviewed were Honchos at Netflix/Google, etc and were talking about the software that does the searches. One caller brought up just this subject: I'm a bicyclist who's been in a tragic accident, and I want to filter my search results to say, show me all movies for a specific genre but exclude bicycle accidents.

The marketing programs are just not that smart yet.

bt said...

Re: "Gabe's insensitivities".

I've known him over a decade, and one true thing: Insensitive is absolutely not one of the words most widely used to describe him.

We Ride. We have all lost loved ones on motorcycles (including Gabe) -- we did not invent this thing we call the internet that allows us to all be famous/infamous, or at any rate have our lives broadcast around the entire planet in a flash for everyone to view and comment upon.
That would be... the guys at Google.

Gabe said...

Yeah! What she said.