Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Uber and Tesla to announce Partnership in Fremont this week

Uber, the notorious and far-reaching taxi platform, will announce a partnership with the most innovative leader in electric automobiles. The announcement will shake the automotive world and put rumors to rest that Tesla will partner with Apple.

I learned of the announcement on the night of Tuesday, February 9th. A driver on a Facebook Uber and Lyft drivers' group posted a screenshot of an email from Uber including him in a promotion doubtlessly designed to flood the area around the Tesla with available Uber drivers.

I have no details about the partnership, or what it entails. All I know is now the world knows that both Uber and Tesla have aligned goals--make the future of personal transportation be a communal one, with legions of robotic electric cars safely, cheaply and efficiently moving millions of people every day.

Where will we, the Uber drivers be in all of this? Probably taking a robot Uber to the food-stamp office to pick up our benefits card. Luckily, it should be cheap.

God bless all of us! Good night and good luck.